EpiDiff: a computational tool for Epigenetic Difference Quantification and Identification by Entropy
Example Data


The example data used in both the Java Web Start and standalone software of EpiDiff are provided in this web page as following. For each module in EpiDiff, two examples are provided. Especially, two hyperlinks to huge raw data produced by two different different research groups using ChIP-Seq are listed here for the QDCMR module.

  Example Data for QDCMR
  Processed Data      
  Example 1: QDCMR_Processed_Example1_mm8_Cpgisland_H3K4me2.txt Download  
  Example 2: QDCMR_Processed_Example2_mm8_CGI_ESC_histonemodification.txt Download  
Region and Raw Data      
  Example 1: Region File QDCMR_Raw_Example1_Region_hg18_CpGisland.txt Download  
  Example 1: ChIP-Seq QDCMR_Raw_Example1_ChIPSeq_hg18_Histonemodification_CD4.zip Download  
  Example 2: Region File QDCMR_Raw_Example2_Region_mm8_CpGisland.txt Download  
  Example 2: ChIP-Seq QDCMR_Raw_Example2_ChIPSeq_mm8_H3K4me3_Reprogram.zip Download  
Hyperlinks to Huge Raw Data      
  Example 1: Region File QDCMR_HugeRaw_Example1_Region_hg18_CpGisland.txt Download  
  Example 1: ChIP-Seq QDCMR_HugeRaw_Example1_ChIPSeq_hg18_Histonemodification_CD4.zip Download  
  Example 2: Region File QDCMR_HugeRaw_Example2_Region_mm8_CpGisland.txt Download  
  Example 2: ChIP-Seq QDCMR_HugeRaw_Example2_ChIPSeq_mm8_GSE11074_RAW.tar Download  

For more ChIP-Seq Data

  Example Data for QDMR
    Example 1: QDMR_Example1_HEP_Dataset.txt Download  
  Example 2: QDMR_Example2_Rakyan_Dataset.txt Download  
Example Data for QDEG      
  Example 1: QDEG_Gse1133_hg18_refseqgene_expression_11tissues.txt Download  
  Example 2: QDEG_HUC133_hg18_cancermethy_expression.txt Download  
  Supplementary Material for EpiDiff
      EpiDiff_Supplementary_Material.pdf Download  
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